New policy for more sustainable catering: Moving from single-use bottles to water jugs

As a step toward reducing waste, the college has decided to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from all catered campus events. Starting this fall, Dining Services and the Catering office will provide drinking water at these events through the use of 3- and 5-gallon reusable jugs. In addition, containers will be designated for compostable waste.

These moves are further steps in efforts by Williams Dining and the college to reduce our waste stream by limiting food waste, using compostable and recyclable materials, and purchasing locally-produced foodstuffs that cut trucking emissions and time from farm to table. 

Organizers of events that do not require catering, or which employ outside catering services, are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these same options. Water jugs and compost containers will be available for any department that wants to provide them at non-catered events: Please contact Jeanette Kopczynski for details. 

We know staff will need time to adjust to this change. Jeanette is happy to answer questions and help make sure your event is a success. Contact her anytime, at 413-597-3969 or jkopczyn​@williams​.edu.

If single-use containers are necessary in exceptional circumstances, compostable water boxes are available from Dining Services. To allow time for delivery, please send any orders for these water boxes to Dining at least five days before your event.

I would like to thank the Zilkha Center, Dining Services and Catering staff, and the Finance office for their partnership to make this advance in our sustainability commitments. Simple steps like moving to cups instead of disposable plastic bottles will make a big difference when multiplied over the hundreds of events and many thousands of guests who dine at Williams every year. Thank you for your partnership, too!

Dukes Love